What is the TIC Sector?

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What is the TIC Sector?

Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) companies cater to a diverse range of industry sectors and a variety of standards and legislation. Thus, independent TIC companies play a critical role in virtually all economic fields. The importance of and specific roles played by independent TIC companies varies greatly between countries and sectors. These range from agriculture, automotive, raw materials, IT and electronics, environmental protection, food testing, and oil and gas industries right through to maritime, medicine, education, tourism, logistics, consumer products and more.

Some of the key testing and certification services include quality and safety controls through conformity assessments. These include supply chain certifications, industrial site inspections, product testing, management system auditing and certification, periodic car inspections, pre-shipment inspection, consignment-based conformity assessments and many more.

Third-party TIC is a cost-effective conformity assessment method that drives higher levels of compliance. It ensures greater consumer protection with safer products, helps government agencies improve efficiencies and leverage scarce market surveillance resources. It also helps manufacturers reduce in-house compliance costs and navigate global market requirements more easily.

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