Product Testing & Certification

TIC Council

Product Testing & Certification

The objectives of the Committee are:

  • To improve the professional image and standing of TIC Council member companies within the consumer and industrial products testing, inspection and certification industry (the industry) with clients and official bodies
  • To provide a single point of contact between companies within the industry and with external bodies (clients, government agencies, standards organisations etc.) in order to project the collective views and experience of the industry
  • To provide an open forum for members to discuss and resolve important testing, inspection and certification issues within the industry, notably:
    • To collect data on product safety and conformity and to identify areas for activity by the independent testing, inspection and certification industry
    • To work collectively to influence public authorities to improve regulations and their enforcement
    • To identify barriers to market access for the independent testing, inspection and certification industry and work collectively to overcome them

Code of Practice

Code of Practice for the Consumer Product Testing
IFIA members of the Consumer and Industrial Products Committee (CIPC) has developed a Code of Practice for the Consumer Product Testing. This Code sets out the technical guidance for the IFIA members in the implementation of the ISO/IEC17025 by seeking to enhance the transparency of the data in the test reports issued by the Third Party (TP) laboratories, ensuring the integrity, consistency and reliability of the testing process. For any inquiries about the Code please contact



Product Testing/ Certification Secretary - Martin Michelot, Policy and International Affairs Manager - contact address: mmichelot[A]

Committee roles:

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