TIC Council is happy to host a virtual panel as a partner of the EU Green Week, titled "Battery Safety and Sustainability: which skills are needed throughout batteries lifecycle?"

Ensuring battery safety and sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of batteries requires a diverse set of skills. These include materials science, manufacturing, safety and quality assurance, battery use and maintenance, and recycling and disposal. Working collaboratively, professionals with these skills can help develop and implement sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental impact of batteries while ensuring their safety.

In the framework of the EU Green Week, TIC Council is hosting a webinar inviting experts from the industry working on battery production, assessment, and recycling to share their career paths and their views on how the regulatory framework can make the most out of innovative solutions for batteries, and the role that the TIC sector can have in this field.

Goals of the Event

We hope that this event will inspire young professionals to explore new career opportunities in sustainability and contribute to the growth and development of the batteries industry.

Target Audience: Industry professionals, researchers, and students interested in the batteries sector.


  • Nadiya Eichberg, Head of Department for Battery Testing, Kiwa
  • Alex Liang, Principal Engineer for Portable Batteries, UL Solutions

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