TIC Council is happy to announce the publication of its new Guidance Document on Remote Activities of Conformity Assessment. Find the document here.

The use of remote activities in conformity assessment is not new.  Many industries have utilised them for decades, and they will continue to be used in the future since current practice is showing the value that remote activities bring to the conformity assessment process. The COVID-19 pandemic, in this sense, has resulted in some deviations from already establishes practices in the TIC sector, but at the same time in the incorporation of new techniques and methodologies, acting as a booster and resulting in a significant acceleration in the adoption of remote activities.

Conformity assessment using remote techniques has provided evidence that, in most cases, it is the most effective solution to maintaining worldwide trade in compliance with the quality, health, safety and environmental restrictions imposed by the pandemic while, at the same time, ensuring the integrity of products and services, enhancing sustainability, and achieving a measure of CO2 reduction.

This document represents the position of the TIC industry and provides guidance on the use of remote conformity assessment activities by considering the related possibilities and limitations. Moreover, it aims at strengthening confidence in their use, and covers the application of remote activities for all types of conformity assessment based on relevant procedures, standards and/or regulations.

With this document, TIC Council contributes to a better understanding, consistent application and higher acceptance and trust in the use of remote techniques in conformity assessment activities among customers, regulators, scheme owners, industry and employees for appropriate use of remote activities. It is addressed to all TIC stakeholders, including conformity assessment bodies, industry, customers, accreditors, regulators, scheme owners, sectors, employees and insurers.