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The TIC Council Americas supports the TIC Council advocacy activities in the North and South Americas. The organization is a registered 501(c)6 non-profit incorporated in the United States. TIC Council members with an active presence in the Americas may participate in the TIC Council Americas committees by joining the Americas Regional Steering Committee (RSC) and participating on subcommittees and working groups. 

Members may also participate in the  TIC Council Petroleum and Petrochemicals Committee, a subcommittee of the Commodities Committee. The Petroleum and Petrochemicals Committee is a sectorial committee active in the United States which  established and maintains the TIC Council Inspector Certification Programme throughout the Americas.

Member Companies:

ALS Global, Amspec Group, Bureau Veritas, Corelab, Dekra, Eurofins, Intertek, RINA, SGS, TÜV NORD, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SÜD and UL

Position Papers:

Counterfeit Products sold on E-Commerce Platforms Pose a Growing Risk to Safety
To address the growing issue of counterfeits, TIC Council Americas has published this Position Paper to assist e-commerce platforms in halting the threats to public health and safety.
The International TIC Sector Supports Efforts to Address Cyber-Security in Connected Devices
With this Position Paper, IFIA and the international TIC sector express their strong support towards a transparent and comprehensive regulatory framework for certification on cybersecurity that would be beneficial for consumers, industry, and authorities alike
The International TIC Sector Supports the United States-Mexico-Canada State Agreement (USMCA)
The International TIC Sector wants to express its strong support for the congressional approval of the USMCA in 2019. The USMCA will stimulate economic growth and improve market access for all industries in the region.

Public Comments:

TIC Council Americas' Public Comment to The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission
The TIC Council Americas is pleased to provide comment on "Equipment and Services Produced or Provided by Certain Entities Identified as Risks to National Security," document number 2020-20987, Docket No. RM20-19-000. The TIC Council supports all efforts to address cybersecurity in connected infrastructure, systems, components and devices and looks forward to our ongoing engagement and discussion on this topic.
TIC Council Position on Inmetro's Regulatory Reforms - September 2020
TIC Council welcomes Inmetro's efforts to modernise its regulatory and conformity assesement (CA) framework and development of a new Institutional Strategic Plan for 2021-2023. There are opportunities to streamline and enhance the current regulatory model towards a system that enhances product quality and safety while promoting industry's competitiveness, economic development and consumers wellbeing.
Additional TIC Council comments on the new Quality Infrastructure Law in Mexico
Upon further review of the draft law, TIC Council is pleased to offer additional comments for consideration in advance of the upcoming virtual meetings between policymakers and stakeholders on 9-10 June.
TIC Council Preliminary Comments on Mexicos new National Quality Infrastructure Law.
On 15 May 2020, TIC Council submitted for consideration by the Mexican government, questions and comments on proposed legislation to reform Mexico's quality infrastructure and conformity assessment landscape. TIC Council looks forward to engaging with Mexican authorities, industry, and stakeholders on this important issue
TIC Council Response to US CPSC Agenda and Priorities for 2021 and/or 2022
On 27 April 2020, TIC Council submitted comment to the Consumer Product Safety Commission on the CPSC Agenda and Priorities for 2021 and/or 2022.
TIC Council responds to US NIST Guidance on Federal Conformity Assessment Activities
On 7 April 2020, TIC Council submitted comment to the National Institute of Standards and Technology on the NIST Guidance on Federal Conformity Assessment Activities, 15 CFR 287.
TIC Council White Paper on Selecting Methods of Conformity for Regulatory Schemes
TIC Council Americas official white paper on methods of conformity assessment (CA) to support regulatory frameworks and industry oversight programs.
Joint TIC Council and ASOCEC letter to the Colombian authorities for COVID-19
TIC Council/ASOCEC letter to the Colombian authorities with a statement on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Joint TIC Council and ABRAC letter to the Brazilian authorities for COVID-19
TIC Council/ABRAC letter to the Brazilian authorities with a statement on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
TIC Council letter to the US authorities for COVID-19
TIC Council letter to the US authorities with a statement on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
TIC Council contributes to the design of Inmetro's new regulatory model
TIC Council provides the TIC industry’s views on INMETRO’s proposal for a new regulatory model, in response to INMETRO’s consultation.
TIC Council responds to FDA on the FDA ASCA Medical Device pilot program guidance
On 17 December 2019, TIC Council submitted comment to the FDA regarding the FDA ASCA Medical Device pilot program guidance. The draft guidance was released in September of 2019 and the FDA has held webinars and a Q&A session to address stakeholder questions. TIC Council Americas met with the FDA on 20 November 2019 to discuss further and from these interactions has developed our TIC Council public comments.

Executive Director: Karin Athanas

2021 L Street NW

Suite 101-268

Washington, DC 20036-4909

Tel: +1 240 762 8069


Member companies:

The AmSpec Group, Bureau Veritas, DEKRA SE, Eurofins Scientific S.E., Intertek, RINA S.p.A, Saybolt, SGS - Société Générale de Surveillance SA, TÜV NORD GROUP, TÜV Rheinland Group, TÜV SÜD Group, UL, ALS Limited

Associated Members: ABRAC - Brazilian Association of Conformity Assessment

MOU Members: GRMA

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Americas Executive Director- Karin Athanas, Acting Executive Director -  contact address: kathanas[A] 

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