What Is The TIC Sector?

TIC Council

What Is The TIC Sector?

TIC represents the Testing, Inspection and Certification sector. The independent TIC sector provides conformity assessment services (i.e. testing, validation, declaration of conformity, etc.), either for regulatory reasons or good practice, in order to protect people and the environment. Some of the key testing and certification services include quality and safety controls through conformity assessments, such as supply chain certifications, industrial site inspections, product testing, management system auditing and certification, periodic car inspections, pre-shipment inspection, consignment-based conformity assessments and many more.

TIC companies cater to a diverse range of industry sectors across the world with differing standards and legislation, servicing virtually all economic operations and ranging from automotive, commodities, consumer, environmental, food, life sciences, industrial, maritime, medical, oil & gas, petrochemical, leisure, education, systems, compliance, trade assurance and many more. Furthermore, the TIC sector employs a work force of approximately one million employees in 160 countries across the world with annual sales of approximately USD 200 billion and growing.

Third-party TIC is a cost-effective conformity assessment method that drives higher levels of compliance. It ensures greater consumer protection with safer products, helps government agencies improve efficiencies and leverage scarce market surveillance resources. It also helps manufacturers reduce in-house compliance costs and navigate global market requirements more easily. The TIC sector is a major contributor to the global economy and quality of daily life around the world, since it provides a guarantee that products are safe, secure, effective, reliable, of quality, and sustainable. TIC Council's mission is to engage governments and key stakeholders to advocate for effective solutions that protect the public, support innovation and facilitate trade.

More information about the key activities and the global value of the TIC sector for consumers, businesses and stakeholders are available via our report here.

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