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Becoming a member

IFIA ( and CEOC International ( have recently merged and we are currently in the process of establishing the legal entity TIC Council. There are three membership categories (Full, Associated and Observer) for the TIC Council, more information of which you will find below. 

The annual subsciption rates for each category are currently: 

Category Turnover (Million Euros) Fees Votes
Full members      
A(1)  Over 2500 € 70,000 12
A(2)  1000 - 2500 € 58,350 10
A(3) 700 - 1000 € 46,680 8
B(1) 400 - 700 € 35,010 6
B(2) 100 - 400 € 23,340 4
C(1) 10 - 100 € 11,670 2
C(2) Less than 10 € 5,835 1
Observer members 50% of respective cateogry 0
Associated Members € 5,000 0

For questions regarding membership, please send a mail to

Full membership of the TIC Council is open to testing, inspection and certification organisations with international operations that fully comply with membership requirements as explained in Global Board Regulation 1

For an application to the Full Membership category, the following steps are necessary:

  • Please fill out the following application form.
  • Once the application form has been received by the TIC Council secretariat, an invoice corresponding to €1000 will be sent. The application process will not begin until the invoice hass been paid. 
  • Once the application form has been reviewed and no additional questions arise, the prospective applicant shall implement the TIC Council Compliance Code along the lines of the corresponding Implementation Guidelines that will be provided upon reception of the completed application form.
  • Once the Compliance Code has been fully implemented, a membership audit will take place to verify that all requirements are met. This first audit will be carried out by RSM, an international audit firm. 
  • Once the membership audit has taken place and provided that there are no further issues to be addressed, TIC Council would recommend the applicant’s acceptance to the Global Board.
  • Final approval of membership will be given by the Global Board and confirmed by the General Assembly.

Please note that the implementation of the TIC Council Compliance Code will be then verified annually by an external audit firm of the member’s choosing to be approved by TIC Council. The costs for the annual audit will be covered by the member. Please note that TIC Council have negotiated with RSM preferential rates of circa £3,000, should the member choose to use RSM  for the external audit.

The Associated Membership category is open to any company, partnership, national or international trade associations/federations or other legal person (but not to an individual) which is connected with or interested in in the TIC Profession but is unable to implement a Compliance Programme, as it is not required by the nature of its activities e.g. trade associations. The membership fee for this category is 5000€ per year.

The requirements of Associated Membership are established in Global Board Regulation 2 found here

The application form for Associated membership is found here

For more information regarding associated membership please contact 

The Observer Membership category is open to any company, partnership, association or other legal person (but not to an individual) that carries on the business of the TIC Profession for at least 3 years, and which is not yet in a position to fulfil all the requirements for the Full Membership category. The Observer Membership is limited in time  for a period of 2 years. During this 2-year period, the Observer member will develop and implement the TIC Council Compliance Code to apply for Full Membership at the term of the Observer Membership. The membership fee for this category is equivalent to 50% of the fee corresponding to the Full Membership category to which the Observer member would belong. 

The requirements of Observer Membership are established in Global Board Regulation 3 found here

Should you wish to apply for observer membership please contact the TIC Council secretariat at 

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