The TIC sector facilitates trade by enabling economic operators to test and certify their products with requirements of other world regions. Thereby, economic operators can export their products and participate in high – level value chains.

Conformity assessment provisions play an increasing role in international trade negotiations, as policymakers try to strike the right balance between protecting public goods and removing technical barriers to trade.

In this context, the TIC Council develops positions on bilateral trade agreements trying to promote a risk-based approach in selecting conformity assessment procedures.


Existing global positions: ​​​​​​​
TIC Council Trade Position Paper
TIC Council supports the principles of comprehensive, high-standard and market-opening trade agreements to ensure the neutrality of conformity assessment methods and proper regulatory cooperation from all parties.


Past Americas positions:
IFIA USMCA Position Paper
IFIA Position Paper on the United States, Mexico & Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA)
IFIA Position on NAFTA
IFIA's comments on NAFTA Negotiations and formal request to provide the conformity assessment perspectives and assist USTR as it develops its negotiating objectives and positions for the agreement.
Past EU positions: ​​​​​​​
IFIA Position on TTIP
CEOC International and IFIA's pledge for support of a comprehensive trade agreement that could enhance trade between Europe and the United States through the reduction of Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade (NTBs).