TIC Council


Technical Bulletins are documents issued on an as-needed basis to address current technical issues that directly impact ongoing business operations of TIC Council member companies. They communicate common positions of TIC Council member companies on said technical topics, point towards best practices, provide guidance in the commercial relations between member companies and customers, and/or provide an interpretation on regional and international standards.

Common positions and recommendations are issued only to and on behalf of TIC Council Member Companies, in strict compliance with anti-trust laws and are non-binding in nature. The contents of these bulletins do not retract from, or take precedence over, any legal or contractual duties undertaken by the TIC Council Member Company, and TIC Council accepts no responsibility for acts or omissions of members or others who may make use of them.

Bulletins published before November 2019 may still bear the IFIA logo until reviewed and/or reaffirmed.


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Industrial Life Cycle Services Bulletins