TIC Council

Petroleum Committee Bulletins

Since 1997, the TIC Council Petroleum Committee (formerly under IFIA) has published bulletins on issues of importance to the industry. These bulletins typically address current technical issues that directly impact the ongoing business operations of TIC Council Petroleum Committee member companies or disseminate TIC Council positions on non-technical matters affecting operations. Due to varying industry practices and local regulations bulletins may not be applicable to all regions and in these cases this is made clear in the title. 

Bulletins are published on an as-needed basis and are listed below in PDF format.


Bulletin 23-01
Third Party Loss Control Interactions with Independent Inspection Companies
Bulletin 22-02
Operating biofuel and bio component cargoes
Bulletin 20-01
Thermal Correction on Bitumen and Asphalt Vessels
Bulletin 99-01 (revised July 2018)
ASTM D97, Pour Point of Petroleum Products
Bulletin 99-02 (revised 2020)
Sampling and testing cargos blended on board marine vessels
Bulletin 00-02 (revised 2021)
US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) Final Rule on Accreditation of Commercial Testing Laboratories; Approval of Commercial Gaugers
Bulletin 02-01 (revised 2023)
Bulletin 03-01 (reaffirmed 2016)
U. S. Shore Tank Gauging Procedures and Customs Requirements
Bulletin 05-02 (reaffirmed 2021)
Warning on the Use of Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Technique on Liquids that May Contain Traces of High Volatility Material
Bulletin 06-01 (revised 2017)
Test Observation at Third Party Laboratories
Bulletin 06-02 (revised 2023)
Letters of Credit and Requests for Changes to Documents
Bulletin 06-04 (revised 2022)
Signing Non-Company Documents
Bulletin 06-05 (revised 2021)
Safe Access and Lighting in Terminals and on Vessels (Onshore and Offshore)
Bulletin 08-01 (revised 2023)
Sampling under Restricted or Closed Conditions
Bulletin 08-03 (reaffirmed 2021)
Tank Gauging and Sampling through Un-perforated Still Pipes (Stand Pipes)
Bulletin 09-02 (revised 2015)
FAME Contamination in Aviation Fuel
Bulletin 10-01 (reaffirmed 2021)
US Mandatory Green House Gas Reporting
Bulletin 11-01 (reaffirmed 2022)
Supply of Inspection Report Data to Third Parties
Bulletin 14-02 (revised 2023)
Fullness of pipelines between vessels and shore tanks - Limitations of API MPMS Chapter 17.6
Bulletin 14-03 (reaffirmed 2024)
Agreement of the commercial parties
Bulletin 15-01 (revised 2020)
Use of vessels' measurement and sampling equipment
Bulletin 16-02 (reaffirmed 2021)
Recirculation sampling (also referred to as pump stack sampling)
Bulletin 16-03 (revised 2023)
Access to External Floating Roofs
Bulletin 16-04
H2S measurement to ASTM D5705
Bulletin 16-05 (revised 2022)
H2S Monitoring and measurement
Bulletin 16-06
Safety notice - H2S in bitumen/asphalt
Bulletin 16-07 (reaffirmed 2023)
Vessel operations and cargo inspectors - safe working
Bulletin 17-01 (revised 2021)
Aviation fuel release certificates
Bulletin 17-02 (revised 2023)
Upper limit for H2S in the breathing zone (when using SCBA)
Bulletin 18-01 (revised 2023)
Composite samples prepared outside the laboratory
Bulletin 18-02
Sealing of samples