Deployment of Strategic Priorities


Our Strategic Coordination Committee mapped out the most important topics related to the current reality of the TIC sector. As a result, TIC Council’s strategic priorities revolve around ESG, Digitalisation, International Trade, and Product Safety and Compliance. These strategies have given way to the inception of various technical committees and sub-committees that implement actions to promote these topics throughout the TIC sector and related business sectors.


  • ESG Policy Area: our members offer sustainability due diligence throughout manufacturing processes and supply chains. This may include conformity with environmental requirements, equality policies, human rights protection, and healthy working conditions throughout the value chain.
  • Digitalisation Policy Area: our members test digital solutions and products against connectivity, cybersecurity, privacy, and safety requirements. This may include malicious code and penetration testing, interoperability testing or electromagnetic compatibility testing.
  • Product Safety & Compliance Policy Area: our members conduct conformity assessment of products regarding electrical, mechanical, food, health, and chemical safety as the general protection of consumers against unhealthy or dangerous products.
  • International Trade Policy Area: the TIC sector facilitates trade by enabling economic operators to test and certify their products with requirements of other world regions. Thereby, economic operators can export their products and participate in high – level value chains.