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Agricultural superintendent certification programme

Update - March 2020: In response of the current COVID-19 situation, and as a means to limit exposing staff to community transmission, TIC Council Members feels that it is prudent to suspend IFIA petroleum inspector and agricultural superintendent certification examinations until further notice. The validity of current certifications coming due for renewal during this period will also be extended until examinations can be resumed.

Test Question update: As of February 1 2020, all Agricultural superintendent examinations will follow the January 2020 test question set found below replacing the July 2018 version. The training requirements have also been updated. 

As of 1 November 2019, all IFIA Certification Programme applications and registrations are to be made on the TIC Council page. The procedure is identical to the IFIA procedure for registering candidates and branches, and therefore, there is no need to re-apply if you already have a Branch Code. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact 

The Agricultural Superintendent Certification Programme was introduced in 2014 (formerly under IFIA), and follows the same format as the existing Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme. Examinations in Africa, Asia and Europe, and in Central and South America and the Caribbean will take place on a rolling programme, with examinations being offered in each country every six months. Please follow the link to the examination schedule page to see when examinations will be offered in your region, and also to see when applications must be submitted to TIC Council for approval.
Examinations in the US, US Territories and Canada take place throughout the year, and applications can be submitted at any time.
Examination Schedule
Candidates must be employed by, or contracted to, an TIC Council member company, or to a company which has completed the required registration process.

Candidates must complete a specified set of training tasks as defined in the Training Requirements List and pass an examination. Successful candidates will receive a certificate to document their achievement. Certificates are valid for a period of five years, following which it is necessary for inspectors to be re-examined.

A summary for users is available here:



All examinations are now computer-based, and can be taken at a local test centre, selected by the inspection agency.
Test Question Books are provided for free download from the link below for training and examination preparation.


Companies will be charged for each candidate registered with TIC Council to take the examination.

Fees worldwide are charged in Euros (EUR).

These are:

TIC Council member candidates: €140
non-TIC Council member candidates €400
Branch registration €30
Certificate replacement €50

non-TIC Council registration: €600 (non-refundable) 


Training is a key part of the certification process. An attestation that all of the specified training tasks have been completed is included on the application form. In addition to this attestation companies will be asked to submit copies of internal training records for review. This will be on a random basis.

Training records should, as a minimum, show clearly that each training task on the Training Requirements List (available below) has been completed with a corresponding date and signature (trainer or manager). A Training Record Book, which may be used to maintain these records, is available for download from the link below. All training records for review by TIC Council must be provided in English.


Examination scores, and certificates for successful participants, will be issued electronically to the branch contact by TIC Council at the beginning of the month following the examination.


Agricultural Superintendent Training Record Book
This book may be used as part of an in house training record and contains all of the training tasks required for IFIA certification.
Agricultural Superintendent Training Requirement List
This lists mandatory Training Tasks which must be completed by all candidates prior to taking the certification examination.
Agricultural Superintendent Certification Test Question Book - English
Note: The test question book was corrected and re-issued in January 2020. Corrections made January 2020 Replaced or added: 1.03, 1.14-1.19, 2.50-2.58, 3.35, 4.29-4.30, 6.22, 6.29, 6.79-6.80, 9.01,9.03, 9.10, 10.13 Corrections: 1.06, 1.13, 4.08-4.09, 4.21, 5.01, 5.42, 5.45, 5.54-5.55, 6.19-6.20, 8.19, 9.04, 10.09-10.11, 11.01 Deleted: 5.32-5.33

For the previous test question publication please download them here: July 2018 English test questions


For additional information on all examination issues, please contact us at . Tel: +32 2880 21 38.

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