Policy and Communications Coordinator
TIC Council India

Job Description: Policy & Communications Coordinator

Company: TIC Council India

Location: Delhi-NCR Area / Remote

Reports to: Executive Director, India

Interested candidates may send their CV with a cover letter to tell us why they are a suitable candidate for the position. Salary will be commensurate with experience

The candidate is likely to work remotely.

Applications to be send by 25 May 2022 at india@tic-council.org with the subject to read as ‘TIC Council, India Application- Coordinator”.

The role is responsible for supporting the Executive Director India in identifying, researching, and preparing outreach and advocacy campaigns to reach India policymakers and regulators, industry, consumer organizations, and NGOs to advance TIC Council goals to enhance awareness about the value of the TIC sector. (Testing, Inspection and Certification)

The position will include:

a)     Cross functional coordination with staff in Brussels (HQ), Americas, and Asia,

b)     Administration of committee work,

c)     Research support in the development of policy and stakeholder mapping and outreach,

d)     Supporting in data analysis and promoting the communications strategies.

The selected candidate will be provided with:

  • Training on standardization and conformity assessment and its role within quality infrastructure
  • Training on policy making
  • Training on developing policy strategy and outreach campaigns,

And candidate will:

  • Gain experience working with industry stakeholders to develop consensus positions
  • Gain experience meeting with regulators and legislators

Further, candidates will gain valuable insight into the TIC industry that employs over one million employees (often in high-wage STEM jobs) scattered in more than 160 countries around the globe confirming the safety and reliability of products, systems, and services, and protecting the security of consumer and national interests. Areas of focus include Digitalization (Cybersecurity, AI, IoT), Trade, ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance), and Consumer Product Safety and Compliance.

Essential Qualification to Apply

Candidates should be graduate in Engineering/ Post graduate in Science with understanding in following areas:

  • Microsoft Office and data analytics
  • Regulatory framework in India with preferred experience working in public policy area
  • Good communication skills (written and oral)
  • Able to take individual initiative and creative and work in cooperative environment