Strategic Communications

TIC Council

Strategic Communications

The goal of the Strategic Communications committee is to define and oversee an overall communications strategy for the TIC industry as a whole, while also providing a platform for TIC Council for relationship and reputation building with relevant stakeholders, industry players and policymakers.

The objectives of the committee are:

  • To establish a clear understanding and awareness of the added value of the industry.
  • To aid the TIC Council in becoming the unified voice of the industry globally.
  • To use a variety of communications tools to support advocacy goals in key markets.
  • To build third-party advocates.
  • To establish TIC Council as a point of reference for policymakers.
  • To aim for the TIC industry to be seen as a solution provider to governments and related economic sectors.
  • To set the agenda for the positioning of the TIC industry.


Efthymia Ntivi, Public Affairs and Advocacy Director - contact address: entivi[A]

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