Bringing visibility to anti-counterfeiting is more important than ever with the rise in unsafe, counterfeit products that not only affect consumers but pose significant risks to economic, environmental, and social systems.  We hope that you will join TIC Council in our fight against counterfeits as we bring awareness to the safety dangers and deceptive nature of counterfeits. 

Join us as we begin to investigate the critical issue of counterfeiting and the impact it has on communities worldwide.

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PRESS RELEASE: The Fight Against Fakes, TIC Council Launches Anti-Counterfeiting Resource Page

PRESS RELEASE: TIC Council Americas Reminds Consumers to be Wary during National Anti-Counterfeiting and Consumer Education and Awareness Month

PRESS RELEASE:  TIC Council Americas signs the Shop Safe coalition Letter in Support of US Legislation to Address Counterfeiting

PRESS RELEASE: TIC Council Americas Co-Signs Letter in Support of Shop Safe Act and Inform Consumers Act

Repository of TIC Council Databases

Search TIC Council Members' Certificate Databases with this helpful resource.

TIC Council Recommendations | Week 4

INFOGRAPHIC | Keep an Eye Out for These Red Flags

Certification 101

Learn the Facts, what a certification mark is, and how does certification contribute to an improved quality of life.

DID YOU KNOW | Week 4 Fact

INFOGRAPHIC | A Closer Look Into Consumer Goods: Counterfeit Edition

“Counterfeit products bearing fake certification marks or falsified documentation can pose serious dangers to the end user as well as their environment."

- Hanane Taidi, TIC Council Director General

Check the Fake and Be Safe!

TIC Council's 2021 Anti-counterfeiting Campaign featuring the misadventures of the Mishap family.

Coalitions Seeking Change

TIC Council Americas is proud to stand with fellow industry stakeholders in combatting counterfeiting:

Buy Safe Coalition - the coalition represents retailers, consumer groups, manufacturers, intellectual property advocates and law enforcement officials who support efforts to protect consumers and communities from the sale of counterfeit and stolen goods. (

Shop Safe Coalition - the coalition represents retailers, manufacturers, and intellectual property owners who support efforts to protect consumers by  establishing better and uniform rules for secure and safe conduct of e-commerce in the United States. (

TIC Council Americas will continue to offer its full support as our shared communities seek solutions to reduce the growth of counterfeiting.

VIRTUAL PANEL SERIES: TIC Council Americas - Exploring Online Fraud and the Sale of Counterfeit Goods

PRESS RELEASE: Increasing transparency and accountability for online marketplaces will help combat the growth of counterfeit goods sold in the United States

POSITION PAPER: Recommendations for Combating the Growth of Counterfeit Goods Sold in the United States

PRESS RELEASE: TIC Council Applauds Introduction of Legislation to Protect Consumers from Counterfeit and Stolen Products Sold Online.

TIC Council Americas Position on Countering Counterfeits on E-Commerce Platforms

TIC Council Anti-Counterfeiting Committee

DID YOU KNOW | Week 3 Fact

INFOGRAPHIC | Counterfeits + Social Commerce: The Power of Searching, Scrolling, and Clicking

DID YOU KNOW | Week 2 Fact

Check the Mark

with the TIC Council Member Mark Reference Guide

INFOGRAPHIC | 5 Facts About Counterfeit Drugs You Should Read

DID YOU KNOW | Week 1 Fact

Learn the Facts - Counterfeit Marks

Consumers, retailers, regulators and industries worldwide rely on TIC Council member certification marks to let them know that a product has been certified to the applicable standard for safety and performance. Counterfeit certification marks deceive buyers into purchasing untested products that may cause serious injury, illness and death. 

Exploring Online Fraud and the Sale of Counterfeit Goods

Virtual Panel Series
PANEL 1: Counterfeits and Online Fraud, Scooping the Problem 
Panel 2: The Cost of Online Fraud and Counterfeits
Panel 3: Efforts to Combat Fraud and Counterfeiting in the United States

“TIC Council Americas has been an advocate for safe and reliable products and has embraced collaboration with industry and regulators to address the rise in unsafe counterfeit products reaching U.S. consumers, said Karin Athanas, Executive Director of TIC Council Americas, we look forward to bringing visibility to this issue and continuing to work with our partners to put safety first.”



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