TIC Council Americas has co-signed a letter supporting passage of legislation that establishes better rules for secure and safe conduct of e-commerce in the United States to protect U.S. consumers from fraudulent and stolen goods sold via online marketplaces.

After decades of e-commerce growth in the absence of rules to ensure fair trade practices, time has come to standardize the rules across all online marketplaces to make customers safe. This can best be achieved by passing each of the SHOP SAFE Act (H.R. 5374/S. 1843) and the INFORM Consumers Act (H.R. 5502/S.936) bills as soon as possible. These bills are critical in their provision of new legal tools for online marketplaces, brand owners, and consumers to stop third party sellers from offering counterfeit and stolen goods via ecommerce platforms.

In recent months, TIC Council Americas has been vocal and active in fighting the issue of online counterfeiting. We invite you to read this statement on the growing risks of counterfeited products sold online. Moreover, we hosted a three-part webinar series focusing on the issue and on its ramifications for both industry and consumers.

TIC Council Americas will keep offering its full support and public advocacy efforts towards safe and secure online environments.

Find the letter here.