On 29 April, the TIC Council hosted a webinar focusing on how standards and certification accelerate the safe adoption of innovations to transition towards a circular economy system

The webinar, titled Circular Economies and Second Life Products at the Crossroads of Circularity and Safety’, was presented by Catherine Sheehy and Ken Boyce from UL a TIC Council member. This presentation addressed the risks, opportunities and business models relating to the contemporary transition companies are conducting towards circular economic sustainability. In addition, the presentation addressed the importance of testing and inspection services to ensure that remanufacturing and product life extension incorporates proper maintenance and improvement of products through repairs and upgrades.

In summary, this webinar stressed that safety and sustainability are intertwined factors when increasing products’ life cycles as compliance on these factors is imperative for companies to be resilient to evolving standards. Thus, the demand for proper inspection and risk analysis is vital for product lifetime extension standards and for thorough performance information.

As TIC Council continues to provide thought-provoking presentations on current market trends and needs, watch this space for the list of upcoming webinars.

For the webinar recording, please click here

The presentation of the webinar can be found here.

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