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TIC Council is pleased to present a virtual panel to discuss the risks and benefits centered around aritificial intelligence (AI) applications.


There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is an innovation accelerator. Not only will artificial intelligence support industry in discovering new technologies, but also in identifying potential safety, security, and compliance risks that those innovations create. However, innovation does not come without risk. AI, for all its benefits, comes with some downsides that must be considered and thoughtfully addressed by those that plan to use it or incorporate it into their products, systems, or services.

The independent third-party testing, inspection and certification (TIC) industry is at the forefront in this discussion of risk, having an impressive resume of assisting industries in exploring, innovating, and navigating complex issues of risk.

During this virtual panel, experts from a wide range of industries will discuss their AI needs, how they hope AI will enhance their work or help with their innovations, and the risk they are encountering in making use of this critical new technology.

Attendees will gain insight in the wide breadth of industries and applications being supported by AI technology, the risks encountered, and hear from our TIC experts on ways to mitigate those risks.

Questions to be discussed include:

  • How is Artificial Intelligence being used by different industry segments?
  • In what ways is AI helping to innovate and grow new industry segments?
  • Are there basic ‘rules’ to using AI that help to minimise risks and what are they?
  • What are the risks that industry should be aware of and prepared to mitigate?
  • What role can the third-party TIC industry play in this space?

Event Structure

This panel will be held in two parts:

Panel I – Industry

The TIC Council will invite experts from different industry segments and regulators to discuss the ways that their industries are applying AI technologies, how they see AI evolving to support further innovation in their industries, and what risks to safety, security, and compliance they have encountered or anticipate as arising in future.

Panel II – TIC discussion

In this session, TIC Council experts will discuss the hurdles their customers are facing and the trends they see in the industry. The panellists will also be asked to respond to the risks identified in Panel I and provide their insights into relevant regulations, programmes, and mitigation strategies.

All panellists will then be invited to participate in a moderated Q&A with attendees.

This panel will be interactive with the audience, encouraging audience Q&A and including polling to gain the audience’s insights on this emerging technology.  


Date and time

Thursday 27 October 2022, from 9:00 EST / 15:00 CET to 10:30 EST / 16:30 CET



  • Karin Athanas, Executive Director, TIC Council Americas



Further Details:

The microphone function will be disabled for participants during the webinar but all questions for the presenter can be submitted through Webex via the chat function during the Q&A session at the end or ahead of time on the registration page.

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