TIC Council is happy to announce the launch of its anticounterfeiting campaign, called "Check the fake and be safe!". 

“Check the Fake and Be Safe” is a campaign which aims at raising awareness amongst consumers of the dangers that counterfeit products bearing fake certification marks can pose to our health and safety. The campaign will follow the misadventures of the Mishap family, showing several accidents happening to them due to the counterfeit products that they use in their everyday life.

The Mishaps are an alien family composed of five members: Mrs. Mallory Mishap, a scientist and well-organised mum; Mr. Marvin Mishap, the clumsy and artsy stay-at-home dad; Mandy, the know-it-all teenager; Matty, the reckless troublemaker, and little baby May.

The Mishaps have just landed on Earth and are not very familiar with the local habits and traditions, especially when it comes to day-to-day appliances. For this reason, the family tends to buy the cheapest products without acknowledging their safety: they are not aware nor concerned to the world of counterfeiting and thus not being able to recognise an authentic certification mark. Due to this lack of understanding, the family faces various hazards that can put their lives in danger.

Will the Mishaps learn from these hazards? To find out, visit the website of the campaign and follow the Facebook and Twitter pages!


*This is an initiative supported by the Anticounterfeit Committee of TIC Council.