As we celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, TIC Council lends its wholehearted support to the global endeavour aimed at cultivating a more secure and interconnected world.

In my capacity as the Director-General of TIC Council, the global trade association representing the Testing, Inspection and Certification sector, I have observed a significant surge in cybersecurity risks and attacks. Simultaneously, it is disconcerting to note that the subject remains pervasively misunderstood, both within the business community and among end-users.

The TIC sector plays a pivotal role in bringing to society the data economy, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things. Our members test software and hardware against connectivity, cybersecurity, privacy, and safety requirements. This may include malicious code and penetration testing, interoperability testing or electromagnetic compatibility testing. They function as gatekeepers, ensuring that only software and hardware compliant with basic cybersecurity requisites find their place in the market.

Picture a world where a smartphone, oblivious to basic cybersecurity requirements, opens the door for malicious hackers to plunder your personal information. In today's age, when a vibrant cybersecurity community thrives, such a scenario is simply unacceptable.

At TIC Council, we firmly believe that public awareness through informed discussion plays a vital role, a prerequisite to expanding cybersecurity principles to society. For these reasons, we endorse the mission of Cybersecurity Awareness Month - to equip everyone with the knowledge and tools required for a secure online existence.

Therefore, TIC Council supports the principles championed during Cyber Awareness Month that endorse four fundamental behaviors designed to be both accessible and actionable for individuals and businesses alike and are a critical initial stride toward this objective:

  • Create strong passwords and use a password manager 
  • Enable multi-factor authentication 
  • Update your software 
  • Recognize and report phishing attempts

We look forward to partnering with the global cybersecurity community to make this world safer and more secure. It is in this spirit that the TIC Council proudly supports Cybersecurity Awareness Month.  

Hanane Taidi

Director General, TIC Council