On the 8th February 2021, the TIC Council hosted a webinar in collaboration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to give guidance on the practicalities of the IP Enforcement Portal and provide insights on how this tool can help users in their activities and exchange information with enforcement authorities.

With '6.8% of EU imports estimated to be fakes, enforcement agencies are fighting an uphill battle to identify fake goods with only 1% of cargo imports inspected a year'1. The purpose of the new IP Enforcement Portal is to integrate an interactive legal platform between right holders, enforcement authorities, EU Commission, and its EU delegations to enable an exchange of information between all parties in declaring the validity of the products. This free, secure, and multilingual tool is designed to be simple and accessible across the EU Member States to allow right holders to provide documentation and information which determine their products as genuine.

The webinar gave members a thorough introduction on how to set up and use an IP Enforcement Portal account and provided further information on the role, functions, and features of this platform. To present this concisely, this webinar was given by Nicole Semjevski, EUIPO Observatory, IP Enforcement Portal Team who clearly explained these features step by step.

The presentation of the webinar can be found here.

For any question related to the webinar, please contact Laura Martin, TIC Council Communications Manager at lmartin@tic-council.org

As TIC Council continues to provide thought-provoking presentations on current market trends and needs, watch this space for the list of upcoming webinars.


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