On Tuesday 2 November 2021TIC Council hosted a webinar with OC&C Strategy Consultants titled: "Overview of Industry Performance since the Start of COVID-19: has it performed in line with expectations?. This webinar follows on from the previous presentations organised with OC&C Strategy, dating back to 7th July 2020 and 14th April 2020, which gave an initial assessment on the Impact of COVID-19 on the TIC Sector.

Sharing the results of a survey conducted amongst the TIC Council membership, Bennet Summers and Henry Charrington from OC&C Partners provided an updated view of the macro impacts of Covid- 19 on TIC markets and key players.

They started explaining how the TIC industry has put in place significant structural changes in response to the pandemic, adapting operating models and offerings to the new customer demands, namely remote testing and digital customer service. Despite the successful adaptation, there are, however, still significant operational challenges for the TIC sector, especially regarding labour shortages and supply chains.

In future, they highlighted the opportunities arising from these challenges, stressing the heightened focus on proactive risk management, on supply chain resiliency, and on sustainability.

If you wish to know more, you may have a look at the presentation and the recording of the event.

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