Brussels, 28 November 2022 TIC Council welcomes the historic proposal adopted today by the Council on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which is finally ready to come into force.

Starting from 2025, all large EU and non-EU companies will have to submit public reports going beyond financial reporting to disclose their sustainability impact. The CSRD has the potential to accelerate responsible change and create transparency across all sectors by standardising the disclosure, reporting and assurance of sustainability metrics.

Thanks to the excellent work of MEP Pascal Durand, Rapporteur for the Directive, it was possible to ensure that sustainability claims are verified by independent, accredited and impartial auditors, finally placing sustainability reporting on an equal footing as financial reporting.

TIC companies have the necessary impartiality, international footprint, expertise in personnel and technical capacity to verify all sustainability claims under CSRD through laboratory controls, calculations, onsite visits and other specialised services. The involvement of independent assurance services providers in the verification process adds an additional layer of control to ensure trust, transparency, and validity of claims

“This Directive is a cornerstone in the global sustainability transition that the EU is leading, and the TIC sector is ready to be at the forefront of this journey, bringing transparency in business and fighting greenwashing. Once again, we congratulate the Parliament and Council on adopting this proposal,” said Hanane Taidi, Director General of TIC Council.

TIC Council urges Accreditation Bodies across Europe to monitor the transposition of the directive in the member states and to stand ready to work with the TIC companies to ensure a robust, transparent and trustworthy verification eco-system.

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