Brussels, 14 March 2023On World Consumers’ Day, TIC Council is publishing the 2022 Market Study showing that 85 out of 120 products tested are not in compliance with safety standards.

In 2022, TIC Council conducted a market study titled “Consumer Goods in the EU: Persisting Safety Issues.”, a project aimed to assess the compliance of consumer electrical products sold in the European Single Market with basic safety requirements from European product safety legislation.

The study sourced 120 samples from seven different EU countries which were then sent to an accredited laboratory for evaluation against relevant legislation. The results showed that 85 out of the 120 tested products purchased in Europe were not in compliance with the relevant standards.

Ten years after the first such study, conducted in 2012, we observe that the level of safety of consumers goods has not improved. Between the two studies, there is a 15 percentage points in the total number of non-conformities and an increase from 17% to 23% of dangerous nonconformities.

These results illustrate that the regulatory improvement has not necessarily led to a reduction in the number of dangerous products circulating in the European internal market since 2012.

On Wednesday 15 March, World Consumer Rights Day, TIC Council is hosting a webinar to present the results of the study and draw learnings from best practices around the world.

“It is fundamental for consumers to trust in a product’s quality and safety. We, at TIC Council, are ready to work together with European institutions, international organisations and consumers associations, providing the expertise and knowledge of our members to improve the level of safety and bring trust to consumers all over the world.” - said Hanane Taidi, Director General of TIC Council.

We invite you to read the main outcome of the report in the Executive Summary and to join the conversation on Wednesday 15 March. Click here to register to our webinar.


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