Washington DC, Tuesday 27 September 2022TIC Council Americas, the Americas branch of the global organisation, announces the publication of its recommendations for addressing the risks presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and confirming more dependable and secure AI in the Americas.

AI is ruling the digital age, from diagnosis applications in healthcare to autonomous vehicle navigation. The technology can be found in almost every industry across the globe, as evidenced by a 2021 AI Index Report, where Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) discovered that “the number of AI patents filed in 2021 is more than 30 times higher than in 2015, showing a compound annual growth rate of 76.9%.” With many systems and tools being developed and on the way, it is becoming increasingly critical to establish clear and safe AI principles.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has defined the essential building blocks of AI trustworthiness to include accuracy, explainability and interpretability, privacy, reliability, robustness, safety, security, and mitigation of harmful bias.

TIC Council Americas addresses many of those essential building blocks in its recommendations to promote clear, enforceable principles for the use of Artificial Intelligence to support safe, reliable, and secure consumer use. To effectively protect consumers, utilising independent third-party TIC organisations in compliance programmes for Artificial Intelligence systems is both cost-effective and imperative.

TIC Council continues to seek opportunities for collaboration in this evolving area, as well as keep members up to date on new AI policies and initiatives as they are implemented.

Read the TIC Council’s recommendations here


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