Brussels, 1 June 2022 TIC Council is celebrating the first International TIC Day, today, alongside a special partnership with Treedom to create the very first TIC Forest! The purpose of this day is to celebrate safety and security in our daily lives and to raise awareness about the ecosystem that forms quality infrastructure of which testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) is a key building block.

 The TIC sector employs approximately a million highly skilled professionals in more than 160 countries, as such, and plays a critical role in giving assurance to governments, consumers and industries alike on matters of safety, security, quality, health, ethics and sustainability.

“The TIC sector plays a fundamental role in our society, with the competence and expertise the sector has in virtually all economic sectors, which makes it the ideal partner to verify and validate all three Ps of sustainability,” Ms. Taidi added, “When it comes to sustainability, there is so much confusion that we all need a rational, independent voice that is able to cut through the greenwashing clamour and gives a clear picture to any payer that is seeking to reduce their footprint and increase their handprint”.

The stakes are extremely high, and we all need to do our bit to address environmental threats, lift people from poverty and restore human dignity. So, as part of World TIC Day, TIC Council is teaming up with NGO Treedom to plant trees of mixed species in different countries. Since their founding in 2010, the organisation has set out more than 3 million trees across Africa, South America and Italy, all planted by local farmers, yielding environmental, social and financial benefits to a number of communities.

Partnering with Treedom aligns with TIC Council’s commitment towards a more sustainable future. Whether companies pursue supply chain, operational, or workplace strategies to meet sustainability requirements, the TIC sector will partner with them to help them navigate complexities of sustainability concepts, and TIC Council will continue celebrating safety and security throughout 365 days of the year. And on that note, we wish you a Happy TIC Day!


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