TIC Council is pleased to announce the launch of its Chemical Cargo Inspector Certification Programme. 

The Chemical Cargo module is an extension of the IFIA Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme, which to date has certified over 18000 Petroleum Inspectors globally and is a widely recognised certification of Petroleum Inspector competency by leading oil and gas companies. 

The new Chemical module covers five groups of Chemical Cargo (Alcohols, Oxygenates, Aromatics/ Solvents, Inhibited cargoes, abd Acids / Bases). 

To become a Certified Inspector of Chemical Cargo, candidates must possess a valid Petroleum Inspector certification, must be employed by, or contracted to, an TIC Council member company or also have completed minimum of 6 months working as a chemical cargo inspector and a specidief programme of field and classroom training. This is detailed in the TIC Council Chemical Cargo training records. Although some of the training tasks are identicals to those required for pretoleum inspectors these must be repeated specifically for chemical cargoes. 

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