TIC Council publishes a market study report titled “Consumer Goods in the EU: Persisting Safety Issues”, a project aimed to assess the compliance of consumer electrical products sold in the European Single Market with basic safety requirements from European product safety legislation.

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The study sourced 120 samples from seven different EU countries which were then sent to an accredited laboratory for evaluation against relevant legislation. The results showed that 85 out of the 120 tested products purchased in Europe were not in compliance with the relevant standards.

Ten years after the first such study, conducted in 2012, we observe that the level of safety of consumers goods has not improved. Between the two studies, there is a 15 percentage point in the total number of non-conformities and an increase from 17% to 23% of dangerous nonconformities.

On Wednesday 15 March, World Consumer Rights Day, TIC Council hosted a webinar to discuss the outcomes of the study and the various measures that need to be put in place to increase the degree of safety that consumers can expect from the EU Single Market. If you wish to know more, you may have a look at the highlights and the recording of the event.