We are pleased to share our new position paper "Empowering Consumers for the Green Transition: Enhancing Product Sustainability through Third-party Conformity Assessment".

TIC Council welcomes the European Commission’s proposal on empowering consumers for the green transition (COM(2022)143) and strongly supports the European Commission’s actions against greenwashing.

Unfair business practices undermine the consumers’ ability to make informed choices, harm compliant businesses through unfair competition, and can bring damage to the environment. To strengthen the proposal and contribute to its objectives, TIC Council would like to propose the following recommendations:

1.     Sustainability labels should be based on an independent assessment of conformity.

2.    The definition of a certification scheme should be aligned with the relevant international standards.

3.    Only recognised conformity assessment bodies should provide conformity assessment services.

4.    Sustainability labels should be based on a sound and specific set of measurable and verifiable rules.

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