TIC Asia 2019, 26-27 November, Singapore

TIC Council

TIC Asia 2019, 26-27 November, Singapore


The TIC Council is a partner of TIC Asia 2019 forum taking place on 26-27 November, in Singapore. TIC Asia 2019 is a high-level, regional forum congregating thought leaders across Accreditation, Testing, Inspection, Certification (ATIC) and Quality Assurance ecosystems. That will include commercial & digital leaders from TICs; QAQC executives, accreditation and standardisation bodies. Keynote addresses and roundtables will unveil regional Quality Assurance demand updates, beside TIC companies' commercial & digital strategies. Considering the overriding theme binding all TIC sectors together being industry 4.0; as well as the growth markets being Agri-Foods, F&B supply chain, manufacturing (aerospace automotive, precision, electronics), health & medical, the overall event will aim to address:

1.      Industry 4.0 and the impacts on supply chain and manufacturing quality assurance across major growth sectors (i.e. Agri-food, F&B, electronics manufacturing, Textile, Medical & Health, softlines and offshore)

2.      Data & Digitalisation – the emerging need for digital asset & business continuity assurance and how testing, inspection are being digitised/automated to enhance their value proposition

3.      Market outlook analyses – QA and TIC Panel discussions exploring impacts of regulatory/commercial changes on QA across countries and sectors


For further information and event details, please access the Event Announcement & the TIC Asia 2019 Brochure


Register here or contact: marzura.samri@ibcasia.com.sg


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