Highlights: TIC Council Webinar ‘The TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in North America’

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Highlights: TIC Council Webinar ‘The TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in North America’

On 30 September, TIC Council hosted a webinar aimed at discussing the challenges presented by cybersecurity of medical devices in North America and the recommended best practices to address issues in this field.

The webinar, titled ‘The TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in North America’, consisted of a virtual panel that brought together speakers from the government, the medical device industry and the TIC sector, who shared their expertise and knowledge in addressing how medical devices can remain reliable against cybersecurity threats.

Speakers included:

  • Suzanne Schwartz, Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Michelle Jump, Global Regulatory Advisor, Medical Device Security, MedSec
  • George Strom, Director of IOT at Intertek


The webinar focused on regulators’ expectations from industry and on the best practices manufacturers should take into consideration for mitigating risks:

  • Importance of incorporating both premarket and postmarket phases in Cyber Security Plans;
  • Risk management from device conception to disposal and maintaining security throughout the device lifecycle;
  • Process for monitoring and managing the ongoing security of the device in the face of emerging vulnerabilities;
  • How threat modeling  can help identify early on specific threats to systems;
  • Shared responsibility and importance of labeling and communicating, SBOMs;
  • Challenges presented by legacy devices;
  • IMDRF cybersecurity guidance and future work;
  • Future legislation in the U.S. seeking to make SBOM and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures (CVD) a regulatory requirement;
  • And more.


Link to the webinar recording can be found here.

Link to the slides presented during the webinar can be found here.

As TIC Council continues to provide thought-provoking presentations on current market trends and needs, watch this space for the list of upcoming webinars.


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