As the EU Green Deal promotes sustainable investment to reach climate neutrality, investors and industries are both eager to guarantee efficiency in terms of output, waste, innovation, and cost. TIC Council’s event for the EU Industry Week 2021 aims to give industries a valuable understanding of how energy management can improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and competitiveness within the Single Market, with certifications such as greenhouse gases, taxonomy, supply chain management and due diligence.

The event entitled ‘TIC Council Webinar - Energy Management of EU Industries: Boosting Competitiveness and Accelerating Transition’ will consist of an initial explanation video on what energy management systems concretely look like for the daily life of a company. Afterwards, this will be followed by a panel of expert industry leaders from the TIC sector who will provide a contextual discussion of how industries can address expectations towards energy efficiency certification and the global impacts on competitiveness.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, 29th April 2021 at 15:00 - 16:00 CET.

To register, please follow the link here.
Registrations will be open to all TIC Council Members and relevant stakeholders, as well as a larger external audience.

Specifically, the panel will analyse the following topics:

  • . Explaining the revised Energy Efficiency Directive purpose and content
  • . Presenting the ISO 50001 criteria and how to implement it efficiently
  • . Describing the benefit of the certification 

In turn, these measures can establish an effective set of expectations to function as a ‘technical screening criteria’ for industries and the European Union to take on board and facilitate sustainable investment. To support this, this event goes beyond the discussion of the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions, by tackling the issue of how real progress towards neutrality can be made through implementing energy management systems and the important returns on investment they provide (like ISO 9001/14001). 


  • . Javier Lopez Gomez, Internal Energy Efficiency in Buildings Manager, SGS
  • . Kirit Patel, Environmental Manager for EMEA, DHL
  • . Thomas Heinemeier, Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, Innovation Policy Development, European Commission


Further details:
The microphone function will be disabled for participants during the webinar but all questions for the presenter can be submitted through Webex via the chat function during the Q&A session at the end.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

We look forward to welcoming you and/or your colleagues.