TIC Council

White papers

White Paper on China Consumer IoT Devices
The white paper focuses on the development of consumer IoT devices in China and the opportunities and challenges of the industry, from the perspectives of market size, application scenarios, market driving forces, related security challenges, regulations and standards. It also provides normative suggestions from the perspective of third-party certification organizations, aiming to fully leverage the positive role of third-party certification in consumer IoT device security and help promote the healthy development of the consumer IoT device market in China.
TIC Council Americas White Paper on Remote Inspection
This TIC Council Americas' White Paper focuses on 'Remote Inspection' functionalites as a solution to support third party conformity assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic. The rollout of drones to conduct inspections by remotely accessing physical infrastructures (where this is permitted by law) is vital and demonstrates that certain services related to testing, inspection and certification can continue even when physical distancing measures for COVID-19 are in place.
TIC Council White Paper of Identification of Falsified Test Reports and Certificates
The TIC Council Anti-Counterfeiting Committee has published a White Paper on Identification and Impact of Counterfeit Test Reports and Certificates in the Global Marketplace.
TIC Council White Paper on Selecting Methods of Conformity for Regulatory Schemes
TIC Council Americas official white paper on methods of conformity assessment (CA) to support regulatory frameworks and industry oversight programs.