On Thursday 9 November, our Director General Hanane Taidi was joined by a special guest: Jelena Zelenovic, the Chief Information Security Officer at the European Investment Bank

During their chat, they explored the intersection of feminist perspectives and cybersecurity, advocating for inclusivity and discussing how these perspectives can enhance digital security. Addressing biases in AI development, Jelena shared thoughts on preventing the replication of human flaws in artificial intelligence. Jelena shared practical advice for navigating the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, particularly in the era of IoT and sophisticated cyber-attacks, and examined the potential opportunities and challenges posed by recent developments in generative AI models like Chat GPT.

In conclusion, she shared recommendations for aspiring individuals, encouraging young talent to follow in her footsteps. This discussion with Jelena provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of key issues in cybersecurity, blending expertise with a passion for diversity and inclusivity.

Watch the interview below or on LinkedIn.