PRESS RELEASE: TIC Council Webinar - The contribution of the TIC sector to cybersecurity: implementation opportunities and challenges of the European Cybersecurity Act

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PRESS RELEASE: TIC Council Webinar - The contribution of the TIC sector to cybersecurity: implementation opportunities and challenges of the European Cybersecurity Act

Brussels, June 18, 2020: TIC Council hosted a webinar focusing on the state of play of the Cybersecurity Framework Act implementation.

The webinar was attended by over 100 participants representing TIC Council member organisations and institutional agencies.

This webinar shed light on policy areas in data security and standardisation and gave insights into the conditions under which cybersecurity schemes can be successful in terms of uptake by manufacturers and recognisability for consumers.

The virtual panel brought together speakers from the TIC industry, the European Commission and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), who shared expertise and knowledge in addressing how connected devices and infrastructure can remain reliable against cybersecurity, privacy and connectivity threats. As a result, a highly fruitful discussion was achieved in analysing the work carried out in the framework of the Cybersecurity Act and for drawing lessons that can be shared with other regions of the world that are currently designing their cybersecurity frameworks.

The panelists included:

  • Sergio Lomban, Vice-President, Digital Trust Services, SGS
  • Andreas Mitrakas, Head of Unit, Data Security & Standardisation, ENISA
  • Aristotelis Tzafalias, Policy Officer, Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy Policy, DG CNECT, European Commission

Mr Tzafalias noted that “digitalisation of society leads to greater need for cybersecure products and services, which will lead to the development of schemes that are fit for these new challenges”. This webinar specifically identified the main challenges in ensuring the security of connected products throughout their lifecycle; The panellists also covered the relevance of joined private-public efforts to ensure an effective and smooth implementation of the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework that was established by the Cybersecurity Act. This was highlighted by Mr Mitrakas, who provided a clear explanation on the division of labour and collaboration needed to be carried out between experts and key-stakeholders in implementing the policy at hand. This importance in collaboration was reaffirmed by Mr Lomban in stating that “the TIC Sector will always be a key player in helping regulators achieve their implementation goals as actors in the TIC sector will always benefit from the potential innovation measures and rise in demand for cybersecurity”.

As TIC Council continues to provide thought-provoking presentations on the current market trends and needs, watch this space for the list of upcoming webinars.

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Webinar Host:
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