HIGHLIGHTS: TIC Council Webinar on "TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in Europe"

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HIGHLIGHTS: TIC Council Webinar on "TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in Europe"

On 23 July, the TIC Council hosted a webinar addressing the challenges presented by cybersecurity of medical devices and the recommended best practices to address issues in the field.


The webinar titled ‘TIC Sector and the Cybersecurity of Medical Devices in Europe’ culminated with a virtual panel that brought together speakers from the TIC industry, the European Commission, and the International Organisation for Standards (ISO). This engaging forum shared their professional expertise and knowledge in addressing how medical devices can remain reliable against ongoing cybersecurity, privacy and connectivity threats. By giving thorough guidance on the impact of new upcoming European regulations on the cybersecurity of medical devices, this webinar served to investigate the following key learning goals:

.What are the impacts of New Regulation (MDR/IVDR) and timeline in the context of COVID?

.Why cybersecurity is even more critical now in MDR/IVD, what are the risks associated with the current trends of digitization and digital health?

.What are regulators expectations from industry regarding key cybersecurity requirements?

.How should manufacturers consider interface between MDR/GDPR regulations and other international standards?

Since COVID-19's drastic impact on the world's healthcare industry, one of the hardest challenges for organizations to deal with has been the rapidly changing security landscape, with a reported figure of ‘83% of medical device manufacturers hacked at least once in 2019. The demand for widescale cybersecurity transformation is of the utmost importance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients and healthcare professionals. Thus, this webinar was highly valuable for the 142 participants involved, by providing practical solutions for TIC service providers in exemplifying good guiding principles to combat the ever-constant threats of account takeover, fraud and data loss.  

 Panel Speakers:

. Anna-Eva Ampelas, Head of Unit for Medical Devices and Hospital Based Health Technology Assessment, DG SANTÉ, European Commission
. Dr. Abtin Rad, Global Director Functional Safety, Software and Digitization, Active Medical Products, TÜV SÜD 
. Dr. Georg Heidenreich, Standards and Regulation Expert for Connectivity and Cybersecurity, Siemens Healthcare


As TIC Council continues to provide thought-provoking presentations on current market trends and needs, watch this space for the list of upcoming webinars.

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TIC Council is a global association representing over 90 international independent third-party testing, inspection, certification and verification organizations. The industry represents an estimated one million employees across the world with annual sales of approximately USD 200 billion

Webinar Host:
Martin Michelot
TIC Council - Policy and International Affairs Manager

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