Metals and Minerals

TIC Council

Metals and Minerals

The mission of the Committee is:

  • To improve the professional image and standing of TIC Council member companies within the Metals and Minerals Inspection and Testing Industry (the industry) with clients and official bodies.
  • To provide a single point of contact between companies within the industry and with external bodies (clients, government agencies, standards organisations etc.) in order to project the collective views and experience of the industry.
  • To develop and promote technical standards within the industry that are driven by a clear industry need and which fall outside the current scope of ISO / ASTM projects.
  • To work as an educational group:
    • when we take the services offered by TIC Council member companies into new business sectors within the industry
    • to attract high potential talent to the industry
  • Within the framework of TIC Council, to develop, promote and internally police the minimum ethical standards to which all members of TIC Council are required to adhere.
  • To provide an open forum for members to discuss and resolve important inspection and testing issues.
  • To attract new member companies into IFIA membership and to the Metals and Minerals Committee.

In addition to their general requirements as TIC Council members, all TIC Council members involved in the testing, inspection and certification of Metals and Minerals observe a detailed and sector specific Code of Practice. Please click here to view or download a copy.

The Metals and Minerals Committee has also produced the TML Code of Practice which applies to TIC Council Members that offer TML testing services and other interested parties that intend to use this Code as guidance for testing the Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) for solid bulk cargos which may liquefy under the vibration occurring during a voyage at sea. Please click here to view or download a copy.

Member companies:

Alex Stewart International, ALS Group, Alfred H Knight, AmSpec, Baltic Control Ltd, Bureau Veritas, Camin Cargo, Certispec, Cotecna, Intertek, Mitra S.K., SGS, UIS

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