Examination Schedule Petroleum Inspectors Certification Programme

TIC Council

Examination Schedule Petroleum Inspectors Certification Programme

We would hereby like to announce that all IFIA inspector and superintendent certification programme examinations outside of the US / Canada may now be registered at any time during the year* and as the previously used regional schedule regime has been suspended indefinitely. Authorisations outside the US / Canada will be granted for a 3 month period following approval. This applies for the petroleum and chemical cargo inspector examinations as well as the agricultural superintendent examinations. 

The invoice for the examinations will be sent the month following approval. Your branch will be charged for all approved applications. The charge will be applied even if no examination appointment is made during the 3 month authorisation period, or if the candidate misses their examination appointment. We note exceptionally that should your authorisation be affected due to test centre covid restrictions, we will cancel your registration with no charge.

Example: If your branch registers 3 candidates on our website on 5 November 2021 and they are approved on 10 November 2021, they will be authorised to sit the examination from 10 November until 10 February 2022. An invoice for the 3 candidates will be sent in December 2021. If further candidates are registered during November, these will also be included in the December invoice. There is no longer a need to schedule the month before you wish for your candidates to take their examination.

This applies for both TIC Council members and registered non-TIC Council members, with the exception being that non-members will be invoiced before their application will be approved.

Should you have any questions on this new scheduling system, do not hesitate to contact exams@tic-council.org

*We will not be approving any registrations during the month of August (no registrations between 1 to 31 August) as well as between the dates of 24 December - 2 January. You may still take examinations during this period, but you will need to have received authorisation before these periods.

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